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Fierce competition. Customer fatigue. Squeezed personal finances.

It’s no secret that shoppers buy from places they know and trust. Minimising the hard sell and endless discounts, while maximising personalised content, could be the ticket to customer attraction and retention.

Given the squeeze on disposable income, plus the sheer volume of brands competing for the shopper’s coin, your retail copy has to be high quality if it’s going to hit the mark. Retail copywriting that’s fluff-free, consistent and describes exactly what a product is and does.

It’s what we’ve been doing for years.

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Leading retailers in the UK and overseas have come to us for our quality copy and content know-how. Our retail and e-commerce copywriting work includes:

–    High volumes of product descriptions for e-commerce
–    Retail sales brochures
–    Newsletters
–    Social media copy
–    Content strategy
–    Tone of voice guidelines

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