Stratton Craig is a copywriting agency that helps local, national and global businesses find a distinctive voice in the marketplace through exceptional copywriting, content marketing and language consultancy.

We’re a team of copywriters, content marketing strategists, project managers and tone of voice specialists. For over 30 years, we’ve built strong relationships by responding to clients with agility, insight and precision. We’re fast and considered in our approach, combining energy and experience to help you achieve your business needs.

Our services

Corporate Communications

The scope of our work gives us a broad and valuable perspective on the corporate landscape. We understand the commercial and regulatory pressures under which businesses operate, and we’ll help you communicate with your stakeholders in a clear and compelling way.

Our award-winning corporate communications services include corporate reporting, sustainability communications and translation.

In each area, we’re committed to delivering value through clarity; enabling you to grow your market share and achieve your business objectives. Let us help you communicate with your stakeholders in a clear and compelling way – we make the process easy and pain-free.

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Content Strategy & Writing

At Stratton Craig, we know that all eyes – especially Google’s – are firmly focused on content.

We’re a copywriting agency with depth of expertise in all things digital, we produce engaging, search-engine friendly copy that drives awareness of your brand, boosts your Google rankings and converts passing interest into engagement and transaction.

We also write for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms, always looking to maximise brand visibility through unique, relevant content. And we can advise you on every aspect of your content strategy – from SEO to website development to pay-per-click advertising – based on our unique THINK / DO / REVIEW approach.

We are a full service copywriting agency and services include content strategy, content review and content writing. It’s all about writing smart for your clients, customers and the search engines.

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Tone of Voice

Just because people are shouting, doesn’t mean they’ve got something to say.

Verbal identity and tone of voice define your presence in a crowded marketplace. Without a distinct and consistent proposition, you won’t cut through the noise.

We provide a range of language consultancy services designed to enhance your overall brand proposition and written communications.

Our expert verbal identity and tone of voice consultants will help you reassess who you are and how best to make yourself heard. Put the personality of your brand/organisation into words today.

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Copywriter Training

Our copywriter training workshops and services are designed to turn good copywriters into great ones. We work one-on-one or with business teams of eight people or more; honing technique and style, or looking at emerging trends and media.

We can cover the basic principles of writing, or help to refine already polished and accomplished prose. Whatever your requirements, we’ll devise a programme that gives your employees and teams the support and guidance they need.

Instructive, tailored, and fun, our training courses will get the very best out of your people, ensuring you have the skills you need to communicate well and sharpen your competitive edge.

It’s copywriter training for writers, marketers and anyone else who needs to know how to write for your brand, from an expert copywriting agency.

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Working closely with their in-house copywriting team, we’ve written a range of investment product literature and pensions features, promoting and explaining the value of new investment products in an environment of investor uncertainty.


Our copywriters developed copy for a BMW MINI accessories brochure as well as sales and aftersales letters.

British Airways

British Airways – Our copywriters continue to work with BA Holidays, writing and crafting all hotel and resort copy.


Our copywriters have worked on a number of product brochures for Citroen covering a range of models. We’ve also helped with sales toolkits and naming projects.


Working with Steria’s brand communications team our copywriters developed a new business benefit-led tone of voice and applying that to sector and service digital copy.


Writing to the defined O2 tone of voice we have worked on a number of customer leaflets ranging from guides on using your phone, to booklets about sending picture messages.


Our copywriters wrote the aftersales handbook for Honda Bikes as well as various brochures and marketing collateral.


Our copywriters developed a series of Direct Mail campaigns for this global market leader

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Working with RBS’ in-house brand communications ream and with designers we’ve provided copywriting services for everything from case studies to brochures, adverts and newsletters.


We worked directly with Accor’s brand communications team in Paris to develop internal communications for an international marketing research document. With a copywriter based in Paris, we were able to co-ordinate research and undertake interviews face-to-face with the client.


Working with Barclay’s; digital agency, our copywriters provided the copy for their site’s PCI DSS section.


Working with the global Linde Group, one of the world’s largest gas producers, we liaised with their German division to write BOC Gases’ executive summary.


Writing everything from business catalogues and case studies to a corporate responsibility report and Marketing Award book, we have helped BT to achieve even clearer brand communications.

Clydesdale Bank

Our copywriting projects with Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank include digital copy, letters, brochures, adverts and factsheets.


We have worked with the Dixons brand communications team to develop a whole new tone of voice, implementing the style across point-of-sale materials and in-store buyers’ guide.


Fiat asked us to write car brochures back in 2000 – we’ve been writing for them ever since.


We wrote and developed written communication concepts for HBOS’ corporate responsibility report.


We’ve written a number of consumer facing brochures for Hilton, including UK mini breaks and weekend getaway brochures. We also wrote digital copy for several mini-sites.


Our copywriters have delivered copy for a variety of KPMG projects, focusing particularly on internal communications for a truly global audience.

London Development Agency

Our copywriters worked on the LDA’s annual report and accounts.


We were approached by the brand communications team at NHS SBS to help with the copywriting of their brochures in time for a nationwide conference.


We’ve worked on a range of written communications for Orange, including the All About Orange brochure, Direct Mail campaigns and an Annual Summary.


Working alongside Sky Business’ design agency, our copywriters helped develop strapline copy for a national summer campaign as well as further adverts and brochures.


Our copywriters have worked on a range of Sony’s written communications; including their VAIO summer brochure and WEGA home entertainment brochures.

The Welsh Government

Our work with International Business Wales and the Welsh Government spans many copywriting projects including case studies, brochures and digital copy.

United Utilities

We were commissioned as copywriters for United Utilities’ annual report.


We work with VINCI Construction UK on the copywriting of their company magazine – Communique, as well as written communications support with brochures and the annual report.


Working with JWT, we provided copywriting services for various editions of Vodafone’s Choice and Business magazines, as well as leaflets for the National Autistic Society, in partnership with Vodafone.


We’ve worked on a diverse range of copywriting projects for WRAP as well as conducting a copywriter training course.


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