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Grammar vigilantes – annoying pedantry or an important public service?

Making the streets safe for pedants everywhere… Earlier this month, BBC 4 featured an interview with Bristol’s self-styled “grammar vigilante”, who makes a hobby of correcting street signs and shop fronts...

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New words for things that don’t have a name – but should

The publication of the first Roald Dahl dictionary, packed with evocative neologisms and onomatopoeic nonsense words, has got the Stratton Craig crew misty-eyed for times gone by. As writers it’s...

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Why corporate businesses are – or should be – becoming publishers

It was smiles all round at Stratton Craig earlier this week as we read Contently.com’s article about why Cisco Systems is hiring 200 content marketers. That’s a puzzling development for...

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Part 2: MailChimp’s store is live

Freddie and Company has flung open its virtual doors for business – what have we learnt? Freddie and Company is the brand new online shop from MailChimp; the culmination of what...

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Part 1: Has MailChimp gone bananas with its online shop?

MailChimp is in the process of opening an online shop. Bananas or no bananas – here’s why. Who’s MailChimp? You may have seen that MailChimp is opening a shop. MailChimp is email...

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What does your email sign-off say about you?

It’s anticipated that by the end of 2017, business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day. As the medium becomes a more and more...

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You’ve been ‘verbed’!

The phenomenon of ‘verbing’ - turning a noun into a verb - is not new, but with trending and friending now commonplace in the English language, even civil servants have...

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

We all know how frustrating it is to use a site that’s not mobile optimised – trying to decipher miniscule text, click on a tiny link or read a paragraph...

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Ads of the (election) week

Lighting up the London sky - Facebook and Bompas & Parr Not so much an advert as a stunt,  Facebook has teamed up with Bompas & Parr to light up the...

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Ad of the month – Protein World

Pretty much every commute at the moment fills me with outrage. And it’s not the usual train delays/ overcrowding/ tourists standing on the left of escalators getting my goat. It’s...

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