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Five best bits from Feb 2017

Let us introduce you to the following content marketing geniuses of February: ŠKODA, Snickers, Jus-Rol, UN Women and Disney. Few months are as inspiring as February. Writers are famously at their...

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What 2017 looks like for the legal industry

We’re already a month in to 2017 and what with the Supreme Court Brexit ruling and new policies flying in from President Trump, the legal industry is in the spotlight. In...

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How to go from content owner to storyteller

‘People don’t buy products; they buy the personalities and meanings associated with the story of those products.’ – Thomson Dawson, Four Methods of Strategic Brand Building. Storytelling is one of the...

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Which one are you: content owner, thought leader or storyteller?

There are three types, or stages, of digital content strategy: content owner, thought leader and storyteller. Depending on your business and your brand, you will adopt one or more of...

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How 2017 is shaping up for automotive content marketing

Do it different, or do it better – getting ahead of your competitors is the holy grail of content marketing. Staying on top of the latest news and trends is where...

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How to build customer loyalty at every touchpoint

There’s a science to customer loyalty and it starts with touchpoints. If your customers have positive experiences with your company at every point in the research and buying processes, they’ll...

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2017 travel trends and how to market them

Brexit, technology and a surge in healthier lifestyles are changing the face of the travel industry. Here are a few of the most significant travel trends set to take off...

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Five steps to effective content marketing strategy

On average, the most effective content marketers use 15 different tactics to drive engagement1. Daunting? We know that trying to do too much when you don’t have the groundwork in...

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Content planning in 2016 – what were the most disappointing stats?

Content is the driving force behind many business marketing strategies. Regardless of its form, content is now utilised to promote, educate and generate new business. The opportunities to reach new...

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Content planning in 2016 – what were the most surprising stats?

2016 was a big year for content. Across the UK (and the rest of the world) firms generated a wave of activity online, from social media to paid distribution. When...

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