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Part 2: MailChimp’s store is live

Freddie and Company has flung open its virtual doors for business – what have we learnt? Freddie and Company is the brand new online shop from MailChimp; the culmination of what...

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Part 1: Has MailChimp gone bananas with its online shop?

MailChimp is in the process of opening an online shop. Bananas or no bananas – here’s why. Who’s MailChimp? You may have seen that MailChimp is opening a shop. MailChimp is email...

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Why modern companies must rise to the challenge of writing for digital channels – or

According to recent figures, almost half of the global population now has access to the internet. With more and more people living virtual lives, the potential for reaching and transacting...

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What’s in a name? Four high-profile brand name changes

The power of branding is unquestionable. In many cases a businesses’ product or service can evolve or completely change underneath established values, messages, and commitments that still attract customers. Brands create...

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How to give your best interview

Copywriters often rely on interviews to get hold of the information they need to write web content, customer facing promotional materials, stakeholder magazines and more. What you say – and...

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Chasing a goose with a klaxon: the language of recruitment

An unusual job posting caught my eye recently. I love being a copywriter, but the prospect of being a ‘Goose Scarer’ was one I just had to look into. Roehampton University...

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Sausage rolls with the copywriters of tomorrow

Last week, we went to an event hosted by 16-18-year-olds doing everything they could to find a route into their chosen careers. There were sausage rolls provided, but more importantly,...

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Thou shalt not troll: the C of E’s edicts for Christians on social media

It feels almost as though a week is not allowed to go by without someone saying something inappropriate, rude or abusive online – intentional or not – and making the...

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Marketing for children, not genders

Toys R Us has announced plans to stop the gender-focused marketing of its children’s toys, under pressure from consumer group Let Toys Be Toys[1]. The organisation will no longer directly...

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The sweet new smartphone operating system – Android 4.4 KitKat, by Google and Nestlé

Android is well known for naming their software updates after delicious, sugary things. We’ve already had Jelly Bean, Cupcake and Ice Cream Sandwich. For the next version, Google is teaming...

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