The definition of Christmas

We’re always reminding ourselves to think about the real meaning of Christmas, but what about the real meaning of our much-loved Christmas lingo? With the 25th fast approaching, here’s a look at the origins of some our favourite festive phrases…

Posted By: Nina Whittaker @ December 15 2015


The 12 Copywriting Days of Christmas

This Christmas, we're reviving one of our favourite festive blog posts. It's an ode to all of our wonderfully talented writers... our very own version of The 12 Days of Christmas! Ho ho ho...

Posted By: Kady Potter @ December 14 2015


Stratton Craig and Instinctif: Award-winning Annual Report writing for the second year running

Russian telecommunications operator MegaFon has been celebrated for its 2014 Annual Report, which we produced alongside Instinctif.

Posted By: Stratton Craig @ November 17 2015


Content for the customer buying process: post-purchase behaviour

Content still has a role to play once an interested consumer becomes a fully-fledged buyer, as we explain.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ November 11 2015


Best practice for Integrated Reporting success

The content of an Integrated Report may differ between companies, but here’s some best practice guidance all should follow.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ October 26 2015




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