Ad of the week - Three

What creates the greatest ad recall? The product certainly has a huge role to play but the language and tone of voice are often what make campaigns stick. I certainly always remember adverts that make me laugh - copy that resonates with an emotion rather than a need is often much more effective.

Posted By: Charley Martin @ August 18 2014


10 commandments for creating great content

Content marketing is the phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongue. What is it that makes good content and how can you ensure a good ROI when you do spend on copy? Our ten commandments of copywriting and content marketing are here to help.

Posted By: Charley Martin @ August 14 2014


Ads of the Week - World War I recruitment posters

August 4 marked 100 years since the outbreak of World War One, and during the commemorative events we saw many messages designed to honour those who fought and inform new generations. Naturally as copywriters, this got us thinking about the language used a century ago, leading us to explore recruitment posters which you can view on the Imperial War Museum (IWM) website.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ August 11 2014


Dealing with fools – Japanese phrases, part three

In my research into Japanese idioms and phrases, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of ways to describe and insult an idiot. I’ll take you through some of these in this, the third installment of my series on Japanese phrases. You can take a look back at part one and part two, too.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 7 2014


New research links night-time social media use and depression

Positivity breeds positivity in others – Australian research has shown social media’s effectiveness in building positive, supportive online communities – and it seems the opposite also applies.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 6 2014




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