Writing advice from writers themselves

Have you ever had an epiphany? One of those moments where everything just seems to click into place and make sense? When it comes to your writing career, it’s easy to think you have everything figured out. How hard can it be to write? All you have to do is put pen to paper. But we all know it’s not that simple. There are obstacles that stand in the way. I mean, who hasn’t suffered from writers block? So if you could rewind to the very start of your writing career, what one piece of advice would you give yourself to make it all click into place? Make those obstacles a thing of the past. That’s the question our client director Harriette asked across

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ October 24 2014


What can The Apprentice tell us about naming a business?

“It’s a strange choice given that it embodies decay and moral turpitude." ...No, this wasn't a shadow politician lambasting the latest government policy; it was Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar's adviser-cum-henchman on The Apprentice questioning the women's choice of 'Decadence' as their company name.

Posted By: Zahra Saeed @ October 22 2014


Recruitment ad of the week - Woto

It's not often an advert is only accessible to those that it applies to. But that is exactly what blogging website Woto have achieved in their job advert for a digital intern.

Posted By: Will Aitkenhead @ October 14 2014


‘Out Of Office’ of the Week – Travel Republic

Some people advertise the fact that they’re on holiday by posting hundreds of photos of tanned legs on Instagram. Some people like to tweet relentlessly from their deckchair. And then there are the people who leave a smug ‘out of office’ message on their work email account.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ September 26 2014


Ads of the Week - Scottish referendum

Scotland may have voted ‘No’ to independence, but the strength of the Yes campaign’s support demonstrates the success of its promotions. Part of this involved the use of ad campaigns to reach the broad target audience, and in today’s post we explore the styles they used to engage greater numbers.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ September 19 2014




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