Ads of the week – 2014 Commonwealth Games round-up

The 2014 Commonwealth Games launched in Glasgow on July 23, and the build-up included a host of adverts from sponsors and broadcasters with a stake in the event. We’ve seen video promotions from BP, Irn-Bru and the BBC, and noticed a recurring theme in how each brand has approached the task, albeit with their own spin.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ July 30 2014


Goldfish poop – Japanese phrases, part two

If you’re keeping track of our blog series on Japanese phrases that get a little lost in translation, you’ll know that we’ve already covered ducks carrying leeks and the risk of eating too much fugu. This time, we’re moving away from foods and going with a more general animal theme.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ July 24 2014


Ad of the Week - Morrisons

When you make copywriting your career, apparently making a pun becomes a cardinal sin. I’ve been advised on more than one occasion that puns are the cheap, clichéd and cheating way out when trying to come up with a creative solution. Try telling that to Morrisons.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ July 22 2014


What differentiates the expert writer?

A team of German researchers has proven that, when it comes to writing, practice really does make perfect. And that the art of effortless copy simply doesn't come overnight...

Posted By: Brit Williams @ July 21 2014


Ad of the week - Equinox

Hip fitness club chain Equinox is unashamedly brash in its approach to marketing, as evidenced by its latest campaign built around the hashtag #preapologize. We came across the below ‘official pre-apology’ (sans hyphen) on the Equinox Twitter feed, which apologises for the boisterous confidence-fuelled behaviour expected from its members after a winter of toning.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ July 11 2014




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