Ad of the Week - Xbox 'Destiny'

What do you do when you have a new product available that you just can’t advertise? If you’re Microsoft, you find a very clever way around it.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ September 16 2014


When being ‘to the point’ isn’t good

You have a short attention span. That’s the general consensus, anyway. If you read things on the internet, just like you are right now, you won’t be able to concentrate on them for much longer than a goldfish would. The BBC made that suggestion 12 years ago, and it still seems to apply today.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ September 15 2014


Treat Google as a valued member of your target audience. It’ll love you for it.

Google has been coming down hard on ‘spammy’ content for a while now, but it only hit home for many after big fat Panda 4.0 stomped out of the tech jungle and into cyber city.

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ September 10 2014


Set up your blog on the right foot

The blogging world has received new acclaim in recent years, and there’s never been a better time to add your voice to the authoritative conversations gripping the web every day. Whether you intend to build your business presence with personalised posts or to establish an exclusive blog destination, the right attitude and a clever strategy can help you attract a regular readership in a matter of weeks – even days. Follow these tips for your best shot at starting and managing a successful blog…

Posted By: Brit Williams @ September 8 2014


Ad of the Week – Royal British Legion ‘Remember’

There aren’t many people called ‘Kady Potter’ in this world – as far as I know, I’m one of only 2 or 3. Your name is usually how you’re known, unless you have a really cool nickname. It becomes part of you, and a point of reference for everyone else.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ September 4 2014




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