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Integrated Reporting – the essentials

As we mentioned in our January newsletter, one of the hot topics on corporate communicators’ minds at the moment is the dawn of Integrated Reporting (IR). But when companies have...

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The language of finance: how you should write your corporate reports

The new language of finance is increasingly central to reporting and corporate communications, with a focus on honesty and transparency to build trust among stakeholders. Integrated reporting As well as redefining the...

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We’re recruiting: Junior copywriter

We're recruiting: Junior copywriter The company Stratton Craig provides industry-­leading written communications. We’ve been helping clients in all sectors to develop brand language and tone of voice, increase brand awareness, communicate with...

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Four reasons why your law firm needs a content editor

Wigs. Latin. Long and complicated terminology. There are few professions more exclusive and seemingly inaccessible than law. But law firms are realising that when it comes to marketing they need...

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How to speak: Tone of voice in recruitment marketing

You may have noticed an interesting wave of change in the way companies are interacting with their clients and consumers. What was once a world of vapid corporate-speak and gobbledygook...

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Don’t just curate, create: lessons from Robert Walters

Modern day recruitment is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Never before has content marketing played such a leading role in a sector with sales at its heart. Today, recruitment agencies...

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Legal marketing: Act like a law firm, think like an editor to pull in clients

We recently wrote about the editorial issues that are holding back law firms, and how with a proper editorial function, they can make their expertise clear for all prospective clients...

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The language of finance: 3 lessons from Nutmeg that you need to follow

Nutmeg is a UK-based investment management company, and it is emblematic of the new wave of financial organisations that have risen from the murky ashes of the global financial meltdown....

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What great legal content looks like, with an example

More and more law firms are adopting a content marketing strategy to showcase their expertise. They know how effective it is at attracting new clients and strengthening relationships with existing...

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When fishing for candidates, content’s the hook

The recruitment sector is on the rise, despite concerns about skills shortages. In order to stay competitive, agencies must maintain a high candidate conversion rate, with ROI a crucial benchmark...

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