How not to lose your readers

Is content king? Not really. Relevance is king. You can have as much content on your website as you like, but if nobody’s interested in reading it then you may as well leave every page blank.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 29 2014


Pots, kettles and posteriors – Japanese phrases, part four

For this edition of my Japanese phrase series, I’m going to go over some expressions that you’re probably more familiar with.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 27 2014


Forget Google, your audience is your audience

The top of Google’s search rankings has for a long time been the Holy Grail for many brands, particularly e-retailers and those in a market with low barriers to entry. As a result, many are led by an obsession to please the search giant, and their content can suffer as a consequence. We say it’s time to forget Google and remember your audience’s wants and needs - and it seems the tech firm agrees.

Posted By: Nick Driver @ August 26 2014


Ad of the week - Three

What creates the greatest ad recall? The product certainly has a huge role to play but the language and tone of voice are often what make campaigns stick. I certainly always remember adverts that make me laugh - copy that resonates with an emotion rather than a need is often much more effective.

Posted By: Charley Martin @ August 18 2014


10 commandments for creating great content

Content marketing is the phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongue. What is it that makes good content and how can you ensure a good ROI when you do spend on copy? Our ten commandments of copywriting and content marketing are here to help.

Posted By: Charley Martin @ August 14 2014




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