Chasing a goose with a klaxon: the language of recruitment

An unusual job posting caught my eye recently. I love being a copywriter, but the prospect of being a ‘Goose Scarer’ was one I just had to look into.

Posted By: Harriette Hobbs @ April 17 2014


The origin of phrases: Part One

Would you think twice if someone told you a bride at a wedding had got cold feet? Or if your friend started a difficult conversation by saying she wasn’t going to beat about the bush? Probably not. But, if asked, could you explain why you used these phrases?

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ April 16 2014


SayWhatYouSee: Stratton Craig's caption competition

We’re launching our very first caption competition - SayWhatYouSee (#saywhatyousee). Each month we’ll be looking for the most interesting, inventive, funny or clever caption, with the top five entries going in to a draw to win a great prize. As the first one falls around Easter, we’ll be posting out a gourmet chocolate egg to our favourite entry…

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ April 15 2014


Jaded by jargon

I’m a little confused. According to that font of online wisdom,, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were seen looking “lovey-dovey and playful” at Robert Downey Jr’s 49th birthday party last weekend. “But haven’t they just split up?” I asked aloud, squinting in bemusement at my computer screen. Then I remembered. No, they haven’t “split up”. At least, that’s not what they’re calling it....

Posted By: Jack Craze @ April 15 2014


How to get more people to share your photos

According to Instagram, 60 million photos are posted via the social network every day. And with social virals like the recent #nomakeupselfie campaign, images alone are becoming a popular way to ‘say’ something.

Posted By: Nina Whittaker @ April 14 2014




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