Cats everywhere – Japanese phrases, part five

Part two of our series on Japanese phrases and their literal meanings has already covered the ‘animal’ theme, but we’re coming back to it to complete the series. As it turns out, there are a lot of things you can say about cats. The Japanese word for cat is ‘neko’ (猫).

Posted By: Kady Potter @ September 2 2014


The expert’s tips for junior copywriters

Our client director Harriette recently asked on the Advertising Copywriting LinkedIn page “What tips would you give to junior copywriters?”, and we feel some of the excellent responses received would benefit the budding young writers who read our blog. Senior copywriter Pete Stephen suggests...

Posted By: Nick Driver @ September 1 2014


Let’s all start spelling better…

We all know spelling is important – it’s one of the first things we’re challenged with in education. But the reality is that we do still make mistakes, not least because modern technology makes it all too easy to accidentally hit the wrong key or unknowingly repeat yourself after pausing for a moment’s thought. That said, modern technology also has a lot of handy features, and either way there really is no excuse for sloppy spelling in business materials! And when reports from the likes of BBC suggest that spelling mistakes could be costing us millions, it’s worth getting picky about.

Posted By: Nina Whittaker @ September 1 2014


How not to lose your readers

Is content king? Not really. Relevance is king. You can have as much content on your website as you like, but if nobody’s interested in reading it then you may as well leave every page blank.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 29 2014


Pots, kettles and posteriors – Japanese phrases, part four

For this edition of my Japanese phrase series, I’m going to go over some expressions that you’re probably more familiar with.

Posted By: Kady Potter @ August 27 2014




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