What makes great product copy?

Writing product copy can be a difficult business. There’s a fine line between persuasion and being too pushy. One sentence can have disastrous effects and with online copy it can quickly be seen by millions. You can’t just move on to the next sales pitch and leave out that one sentence...

Posted By: Will Aitkenhead @ March 4 2015


The four types of content that keep Google happy

If you’re in marketing these days, you’ll know all eyes are on digital. Or more specifically, Google. You’ll probably also know that Google has its huge, insanely clever, and incredibly knowing eyes, all over your content. But why?

Posted By: Nina Whittaker @ February 16 2015


Words and phrases to look out for in 2015

Every year we are treated to linguistic surprises with the invention of new words and phrases to help us cope with modern society. To prepare you for the verbal jungle that will be 2015, we’ve compiled a list of words and phrases coming to a conversation near you soon.

Posted By: Will Aitkenhead @ January 5 2015


The ups and downs of online Christmas shopping

The Christmas season is under way and the Christmas shopping frenzy has well and truly begun. There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of the shops to get you in the festive mood...or not. In reality, it’s about battling the crowds, fighting with fellow shoppers over the last remaining “must have” gift in the shop and stressing over what to get your loved ones. With this in mind, we decided it was a good time to find out your ups and downs of Christmas shopping.

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ December 12 2014


Writing about difficult issues

Most people want to avoid difficult issues - it’s human nature. But there may be a time when it’s not avoidable. Writing a letter about a delicate matter, whether it’s personal or a work related is tough. Most of the time we don’t want to cause conflict, hurt someone or risk hurting ourselves. But what happens when you find yourself in that situation?

Posted By: Caroline Holmes @ November 21 2014




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